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Your Health Care Partner for Business


We come to you!

Our caring and highly experienced staff include Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Acupuncturist and Sports Massage Therapists.  

We provide Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Sports Massage - working as a team and cross referring when necessary. We help people understand the underlying cause of their condition and treat, as well as educate them to avoid a reoccurrence.


We offer maintenance programmes as well as treatment programmes and arrange home visits, if required. We work alongside healthcare professionals, lecturing in schools, providing free educational events and educating clients and their families.

We cover the whole of London, Kent, Hertfordshire & Essex. We offer flexibility to suit your business' unique requirements, and a bespoke plan will be laid out with telephone support if required.


Currently 8,800,000 days a year are lost due to sickness in the UK. Work related Musculoskeletal Disorders make up 34% of the total days lost in a year.


Each individual case lasts on average….. 16 days.


Costing companies… Just under 1 Billion pounds a year!


Mobile MGM brings the clinic to your business and/or place of work.

How can MGM Benefit Your Business?

  • Engage a full review of your current sickness levels

  • Ensure a fit and healthy work force 

  • Enable your staff to work at optimal levels

  • Encourage staff to return to work quickly and in peak fitness

  • Establish and cement your company reputation for staff welfare

We can improve: 

Health Injuries, Stress, Bad Posture, Tension, Mobility, Strength, Energy, Aches, Pains --> Which leads to.....Healthier, happier staff and an improved work output - leading to reduced days per year lost to sickness, increasing the value of your workforce.


How does Mobile MGM work?



We meet for a more detailed exploration of your needs by our Clinic Director, including a free on site visit to get an in depth understanding of your surroundings, staff, business needs and discussion of where we might set up our treatment station, if required.

Ringing Phone


We start with a telephone call to get an understanding of your business and requirements.



The third stage is to gain a deeper understanding of your business processes and how we can be of benefit.

Site visits can be made by other members of the MGM team, and a trial treatment given at the clinic to help you gain a better insight into how we work.



Once all relevant information is gathered, a Mobile MGM package would be built and presented to you.

First Prize Badge


Once agreed, an implementation plan would then be put in place and we can agree the most appropriate schedule for you, your staff  and your business.  We work efficiently and quietly at your place of convenience, tracking individual progress and tweaking together..

  • What if I forget something?
    Our team are always happy to speak to you to answer any further questions you may have. If you wish to schedule a telephone call please call our main reception line on 01279 456007 and they will arrange a call back for you, or email us, any time.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    We ask that you give 24 hours’ notice to cancel or change an appointment, otherwise it will be chargeable at the full rate.
  • Physiotherapy for Pain Relief.
    We have worked with people that have used medication to manage pain, or tried other therapies without success. When used in conjunction with Chiropractic we find Physiotherapy to be especially beneficial in clients’ responses to treatment overall.
  • Wearing special clothes, or undress?
    It is recommended to have access to the area that needs to be treated. Many people wear shorts, but whatever you feel comfortable wearing is fine. The Physiotherapist may use some oil to assist in massage so you will be offered a towel, or gown if preferred.
  • Is this different from a ‘normal’ massage?
    Any strain or pain that is put onto the body is considered an injury. This may be from a repetitive movement such as picking up small children, sitting for extended periods of time or recreational sports. Think of Sports Massage as Remedial Massage.
  • What does it actually do?
    We use the Sports Massage to make controlled micro fractures of the soft tissues around the area that we want to treat. There is accumulation of blood in any bruising which arises which will increase the concentration of blood to the area, and brings oxygen and all the nutrients needed for healing. Of course, the benefits of this should not be outweighed by too much discomfort along the way.
  • Do you charge extra for the first appointment?
    No, there is no extra charge for your first appointment.
  • Do I need to bring anything with me?
    It’s always helpful if you take anything that might be relevant to your health history, such as scans, X-rays or test results.
  • Will it be painful?
    Each person’s pain threshold is different and the Sports Massage therapist will check with you throughout your treatment that the pressure applied is comfortable for you. A deep tissue Sports Massage is by its nature quite firm, and many people come in with existing pain, but you are in control of how deeply the therapist works.
  • Will I bruise?
    Each person’s requirements are different and we can work as deeply or gently as you prefer. If stronger pressure is required due to deeper knots in the muscle tissue, then the pressure needed to successfully treat knots can result in the damage necessary to form a bruise. This is not a cause for concern, and may be beneficial to the healing process.
  • Does if relieve pain?
    We have worked with people that have used medication to manage pain, or tried other therapies without success. Sports Massage can achieve excellent results, especially when used in conjunction with Chiropractic. MGM Clinics is one of the few Chiropractic clinics to give a Sports Massage pre-treatment, and we have found this to be hugely beneficial in clients’ responses to treatment overall.
  • What should I wear?
    When you have a massage it is recommended to have access to the area that needs to be treated. Many people wear shorts, but whatever you feel comfortable wearing is fine. The massage therapist may use some oil to assist in the massage so you will be offered a towel, or gown if preferred.
  • How many treatments will I need?
    This will vary according to individual needs. Some people come to treat an acute issue and others will use Sports Massage as part of their preventative health programme. It is also very efficient when used in combination with Chiropractic. We are happy to welcome you once, or multiple times!
  • What about 'Aftercare'?
    We will advise you following your treatment to help you manage your condition at home and in turn speed up recovery. Client education is at the centre of what we do at MGM Clinics and it is our goal to make sure we have well informed clients!
  • How long will it take?
    Your visit will last about 30 minutes. We understand many people live busy lives, and want to be helped to an efficient solution. We aim to treat you quickly and on time.
  • Can you help with ‘Tech Neck’?
    The digital age is causing a lot of back/neck issues and regular treatment is becoming a necessity. We encourage anyone who uses a phone or a computer to come and see us every 3 months as a preventative measure.
  • My job involves sitting. Is that bad for me?
    The body is designed to move. If you stop moving, your body will respond accordingly and a joint which is no longer being used will seize up when your body judges it is no longer needed. This is also why muscles waste so easily if you don’t exercise. Ask us about exercises you can do during your work day, or easy adaptations towards a standing desk!
  • What can I do to prevent lower back pain?
    Maintaining an active lifestyle and good posture is key. There is also a strong correlation between issues with the hamstrings and lower back pain, and we will be happy to help educate you in this and other key areas. We highly recommend simple morning stretches, which are valuable and open up the Nervous System. We also run regular educational talks on the use of foam rollers- so ask us about signing up for one of these- they are free!
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